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Bringing FASHION to South Bombay & South Bombay to LIFE!!! Beautiful, breathtaking art deco buildings. Neo-gothic classic structures and monuments. Rich heritage fused with trendy, chic styles. Posh and powerful. Home to fashion and lifestyle…SoBo is a reflection of this enigmatic mix! Located on the first floor of a heritage building: Motor House,Hughes Road. SOBO holds designs by up & coming designers. Tel.No.: 022-23612751 Facebook Group: 'SOBO fashion store & more.' Follow us on Twitter: SOBOstore

11 October 2010

New Blues by ADONIS

16 September 2010


Saving the planet in filmy style!
When the Villains become heroes & the heroes go green!

*can be customized
Designer: Indigreen

09 September 2010

MAGNUTS : the masala attractions of India

A few new souvenirs... See more in store!

06 September 2010

SOBO kids: The Making

Designers: Baccha Party & more
Behind the Scenes: Kaira, Soha, Ashna, Ansh & Arhaan
Clips by: Pawan Mangalani

03 September 2010

Hey Shorty Its Like Your Birthday!

SOBO has launched a couture line for the notorious S.M.A.L.L.
Innocently Bold filled with Colour and Style!
Silks and Cottons form the little dresses, skirts jumpsuits, lehengas, cargos etc. teamed with little purses, sandals and bangles.
Its never too early to be Fashionable!
Designers : Baccha Party & more
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30 August 2010

Dress your Tress: Chic Hair Accessories

All that Glitters: Hair piece. Hair Bands. Elastic Hair Bands. Rubber Bands
Cush for your Tush

Gunny Seat: Boxing the Bag


*All can be customized

11 August 2010

Paani Puri Clothing Supersaver Offer only for THE BIG SOBO SALE: Buy one Tee & get one Free! Only for Three days!

12th 13th 14th AUGUST
Clothing & Accessories at prices sinfully LOW!
Men. Women. Kids.

03 March 2010

POP- Palette

Its Simple! Its Colour! Its Fun!

22 July 2009

Why So Serious?

Rewinding 50s<<

*Pop* Pop* Pop* the can & spill the beans... spraying Polkas, Buddhas, Marilyn, Disco balls and cool prints all over. Get your "15 Minutes of Fame" and cover your laptop bags, sleeves, cushion covers and more with art from the heart!

10 July 2009

Dress for fun!!!

There are ants in my pants, so I shall not wear
When I dont care, I let loose my hair
With wind through the chyme, I want to rhyme
Want to breathe through cotton,
Sometimes be random, and live undone,
The drizzle and the sun, makes me dress for fun!!!

SPOT: Rock the Sun with Chrome Hearts! They are the ‘Harley’ for your eyes! Its wood/ leather/ gothic motifs/ colors are sure to make a statement bold enough to convince anyone that you could strum the electric guitar. Stunning styles along with finest quality and scarce availability makes it a lethal combination- of course the lethal part being- its price!

Spotted on: Karl Lagerfeld, Katie Holmes, Marc Anthony……

In South Bombay- Available @ 'Specs & Shades'- Nepeansea Road!